Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity (Prof. Michael E. Porter) Each of our patent attorneys has a technical or scientific master degree or an equivalent degree and has practical experience in his/her technical area. With these versatile qualifications, we are able to quickly and comprehensively become familiar with every technical topic. According to the expertise of our team members, we have practical experience in numerous technical and scientific fields, in particular in the following fields:

  • Operational methods
  • Automation and measurement technology
  • Construction
  • Biotechnology/genetic engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Electrical engineering
  • Power engineering
  • Information and communication technology
  • Agriculture
  • Laser and optics
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical technology
  • Microsystems technology
  • Physical technology
  • Shipbuilding
  • Environmental technology
  • Materials

Our advisory activity include inter alia the obtaining, maintaining, defending as well as the enforcement of property rights for our clients (e.g. in infringement proceedings). In addition, we carry out invalidity or cancellation proceedings, oppositions, etc. for our clients against protective rights of third parties. We furthermore prepare all types of opinions (e.g. infringement opinions, invalidity opinions, freedom-tooperate opinions, etc.) and advise our clients in matters relating to employee invention law as well as in license negotiations.

We also perform comprehensive state of the art searches for our clients, in particular for invalidity proceedings and infringement proceedings.